Manoir de Vitanval, Ste. Adresse, Normandy

Manoir de Vitanval

Big Farmhouse

This is a picture of an imposing Normandy farmhouse in Ste. Adresse. It has two main floors plus an additional floor in the turrets. The dreary building resembles a military fortress, and does not have the same quaint charm as other farm manors in the same area.

The village of Saint Adresse is located a bit north f the important port of le Havre. During World War 2, the Germans built imposing fortifications here as part of their Atlantic Wall. This village also boasts the villa that belonged to the great French actress Sarah Bernhardt. Many of Claude Monet's paintings depict scenes from the area.

Manoir de Vitanval, Ste. Andresse, Normandy

"Régates à Sainte-Adresse" by Claude Monet (1867)


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D-Day Landings

D-Day Landings

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Normandy Farmhouses