Ferme la Vallauine, Normandy. (La Vallauine Farmhouse)

A Farm Manor

Manoir d'Ango, Normandy

In this colorized photo from the 1800s, a woman and a small girl can be seen standing in the middle of the courtyard of a large Normandy farmhouse located at Manoir d'Ango, Normandy. The house and the farm building sincluding the barn are built of stone and form a square around an inner court. It is a fine example of Italian Renaissance architecture in Normandy.

The building in background shows a number of architectural decorations made of carved stone indicating that the builders of Manoir d'Ango had the time and the luxury to beautify the building. The construction of the Manoir d'Ango contrasts with the more primitive construction of this Normandy farmhouse. The differences in style and size of the farmhouses attest to the relative differences in wealth between these landowners.

Today the Manoir d'Ango is an agro-turism destination.

Manoir d'Ango, Normandy.


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